Our Services


FREE Delivery anywhere within 3km of Redwood Pharmacy, that includes Northwood, Casebrook, down to Northlands and across as far as Hawkins/Hills Rd.

We provide a wide range of Treatments, Medications (including Methadone, Suboxone and Blister Packs), and Retail needs. See our Services Page for more information.

Cosmetics we stock are Coral Colours, Designer Brands and Thin Lizzy. We also have a fabulous range of Scarves, Snoods and Ponchos at prices that we believe will not be bettered. 

Redwood Pharmacy is well known for our Fabulous range of gifts. Everyone loves our range of giftware at very reasonable prices and smaller gifts for all occasions. We have a range of Salt Lamps which are promoted to having a calming effect in your home.

As a retail pharmacy, we also provide advice on Vitamins, Cold & Flu, First Aid, Baby Care, Hayfever and Headlice. We belong to the Access group of Pharmacies which have outstanding specials on a wide range of retail pharmacy products, which will compete with any other Pharmacy pricing.

Blister Packs - FREE DELIVERY to within 3 km of Redwood Pharmacy

Individually tailored blister packs of your medication can be made up for you. We have plenty of people who receive this service - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We have finished with flu vaccines for 2024, and will be recommencing Flu vaccines in Autumn 2025. We have 2 trained Vaccinating Pharmacists able to give the Influenza Vaccine. Free to pregnant women and those 65 years and over. 

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Trained Pharmacists can dispense this after a quick and easy consultation.


Urinary Tract Infection

Trained Pharmacists can dispense this medication after a quick and easy consultation.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

We can offer to supply and dispense NRT as a prescription item after a personal consultation.



Trained Pharmacists can prescribe and dispense Viagra/Sildenafil after a quick personal consultation.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Trained Pharmacists can prescribe and dispense the antibiotic Chloramphenicol for simple eye infections after a quick consultation.

Passport Photos

$15 for either Printed or Digital/Emailed, $20 for both. If rejected by Internal Affairs for anything we have done we will retake your Passport Photo for no extra charge until it is acceptable.

Ear Piercing

$30.00 including earrings and antiseptic solution.

Redwood Pharmacy Shop

Redwood Pharmacy is your local community Pharmacy in Redwood Christchurch. We pride ourselves on caring for our local community, we have been here for some 60 years and are still going strong! Our friendly staff will look after your health and wellbeing needs as best as we can.