Hylo® -Fresh Eye Drops 10mL

Hylo® -Fresh Eye Drops 10mL

HYLO®-Fresh is preservative and phosphate-free lubricating eye drops for dry eyes in a revolutionary COMOD® device. Preservative-free. Phosphate-free - avoids corneal calcification. Delivers at least 300 sterile drops through the unique COMOD® multi-dose application system. 6 month use-up period after opening. Compatible with all contact lenses.

Common Uses

Use HYLO®-Fresh to improve the lubrication of the eye, in eyes that are experiencing persistent dryness.


1 drop in each eye as required. Refer to pack insert for directions.


Active: Sodium hyaluronate 1 mg/mL


Use within 6 months after opening. Store below 25oC.


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