Otrivin Nasal Spray Menthol 10mL


Otrivin Menthol spray combines the freshness of menthol with Otrivin's decongestant & acts in 5 minutes. Otrivin Nasal Spray Menthol Adult clears blocked noses.




- Before first use, remove protective cap and press applicator until an even spray is produced.
- Blow nose gently to clear.
- Insert nozzle into nostril and press applicator firmly once while sniffing deeply.
- Withdraw nozzle and release applicator.
- Repeat in other nostril.
- Wipe nozzle and replace cap.


- Brief stinging sensation or sneezing may occur.
- Excessive use may damage lining of nose.
- If irritation occurs or if you have signs of allergy, discontinue use.


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